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Cody Medical Foundation Scholarships

Cody Medical Foundation awards several types of scholarships each year to high school and college students pursuing a medical related career.


SUPPORTING OUR STUDENTS: The Cody Medical Foundation’s scholarship program, started in 1994, has awarded over $290,000 to college students who major in a medically related field. Many of these students have come back to Cody to practice medicine.  

Cody Medical Foundation Scholarships


The Cody Medical Foundation will award four (4) individual $1000 scholarships to four graduating high school seniors in the West Park Hospital District; Cody and Meeteetse, WY. Students apply for this scholarship through their high school counseling offices


Students can re-apply each year during university for the scholarship. After their freshman year, they should provide a transcript and application directly to the CMF Scholarship Committee. During university senior year, only students that major in pre-med with plans to become a physician will qualify for the scholarship. The senior year students need to be enrolled in a university that has a pre-med course of study.

When the students are accepted in an accredited physician degree program, the committee will choose ONE student (from the original four students) who will receive $5000.00 each year for three years. The student will have to reapply to the CMF Scholarship Committee each year. Upon completion of three years of pre-med study, they will receive a bonus of $1,000.


The annual $1000 medically related scholarship grants are due August 10th each year. Applications are available at To qualify,  students need to have completed one year of college as a full-time student. Their parents must reside in the West Park Hospital District which includes the towns of Cody and Meeteetse .Applicants must major in a medically related field. These fields include but are not limited ton nursing, psychology, optometry, dermatology, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, audiology, ect. To apply, complete the application below.


Scholarship Award Winners

Success Stories of Recipients of the Cody Medical Foundation Scholarships

ava meier.jpg

Ava Meier

2023 Recipient
CRNA (nurse anesthetist)
Utah Tech University in St. George, Utah

I received your scholarship this spring and it has been so helpful to me and my studies here at Utah Tech University! My career plan is to become a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) and my next step is to get into the nursing  program here. I am down to only one general class left (the amazing thing about being able to take college courses in high school)! My favorite classes this semester have been human biology and foundations of nutrition. I have learned so much about the human body and how different things affect it. I love the classes for my major so much and I can't wait to take more! I want to thank the Cody Medical Foundation again for choosing me as a recipient of your scholarship because it has helped me immensely with my studies!


Remy Broussard

2023 Recipient
University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming

I’m currently a pre-med student at the University of Wyoming. I started college this fall with the help from
your scholarship. I love to get outside and see what the beautiful State of Wyoming has to offer, whether
it’s backpacking, fishing, hunting, or good ol’ hiking, I love it all! As Laramie has gotten colder, I have moved
to indoor activities and studying while hanging out with my roommate and other friends.

Gillian Growney-official_Page_1_edited.j

Gillian Growney

2023 Recipient
Forensic Pathologist
Willamette University in Salem, Oregon

My time at Willamette University has been great! My classes are challenging, but I am learning so much. I have had so much fun exploring Oregon and I’m getting used to the rainy fall weather. I cannot express how grateful I am that I have gotten this experience and it would not have been possible without the COE Scholarship. Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!


Reece Nieman

2023 Recipient
Nurse Practitioner
Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona

I have wanted to go into medicine since I was a kid. I chose to study medicine because I enjoy helping people. So far I’m loving classes! I’m really enjoying my biology and psychology classes. Our campus is small, but it’s right down the street from the University of Arizona. So you get the feel of a big school as well. I have spent lots of time around
Tucson trying different restaurants and going to different events and football games! I’m also loving the warm weather while it’s snowing back home.

kbollinger-8 copy_edited.jpg

Kennedi Johnson

2021 Recipient

My journey to becoming a Medical Doctor is in huge part made possible by the donors and supporters of this incredible foundation.

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